Learn to Run:

You may say that you are a total couch potato and can’t run at all. It’s time to challenge that image of yourself!! The key is to start out slow with a walk/run program. Neda Hunt has organized and held a Learn to Run program for new runners since 2011. Individuals attend this program with a focus on running the 5k Clarenville Days Race. Keep checking this site for information on the next “Learn to Run” session.


Individuals who wish to further develop their running skills are invited to join members on Tuesdays and Thursdays for speed work. This includes a variety of workouts including intervals, tempo runs etc. Check this site for locations and times.

Wednesday evenings have traditionally been the nights group runs were hosted. Everyone is invited to join and run at your own pace. There are runners of all abilities so you won’t be left out. Meet at Elizabeth Swan Park at 7:30 PM.