Running Groups and Clinics

Running Groups and Clinics

It is that time of year again when the weather starts improving and runners of all experience levels start thinking about group runs and running clinics.

To get some feedback from the community we are asking if you would comment on your interest in participating in an organized program such as a group run or clinic. In your comments please do not hesitate to elaborate on what you would like to benefit or accomplish from attending one of these sessions.  This could include meeting other runners, find running partners, improve running economy , help motivate you to achieve a goal or train for a race event.

We have a very vibrant and skilled running community here in Clarenville and the Random Runners is here to promote and encourage people to maintain an active lifestyle and achieve goals through running.

Therefore, it would be great if we can get some feedback from the community in order to provide and facilitate the necessary programs.

You can provide comments directly to our posting here or on Facebook . For a more private message please send us an email through Facebook messaging or at

Thanks so much and Happy Running 🙂