About Us

About Random RunnersThe Random Runners Club was formed in the spring of 2009 by a group of runners from Clarenville and area with a goal to promote running for people of all ages and abilities. We host the annual Clarenville Days Road Race with our sponsor CIBC. There is a 5k and 8km race available for participants. It is a fun event and participation grows every year.

Running is a sport that allows you to participate as an individual and also allows you the opportunity to run with others. Running with a partner or a group is sometimes just the incentive we need to get out the door as we have made a commitment to run. Also, when running with others you tend to improve your running skills as you are challenged by other runners.

Many of the runners in our club set personal goals for themselves and then train to achieve these goals. For example, many members train for the Clarenville Race Day and/or the Tely 10.

There are a lot of skilled runners in the club who can help you with issues regarding how to start a running program, improve your running, and avoid injuries. As well, they can assist you with setting up a training program to achieve your goals.

Running is a wonderful sport with awesome health benefits. We encourage you to join the Random Runners and meet other runners with whom you can share this wonderful sport.